When Caring Counts Most

$ 24.95

A Guide for Jewish Caregivers

Being a caregiver for a loved one who is ill or aging is a very important role, and yet, it is a very daunting one. As a caregiver, one is given the opportunity to help his or her loved one in ways that have never been previously applicable. At the same time, the responsibility is very great, and there is so much to learn. There are medical and legal issues. There are practical implications. And much, much, more.

This book is a compilation of articles that offers information, inspiration, and understanding. It contains advice from rabbis, doctors, lawyers, other professionals, and laypeople offering various perspectives about this overwhelming topic.

When Caring Counts Most: A Guide for Jewish Caregivers will empower you with confidence and knowledge, helping you and, in turn, your loved one.

BONUS! Includes a pamphlet in English and Spanish that provides guidance for aides on the special considerations of working in a Jewish home environment.

Hardcover | 6" x 9" | 222 pages | ISBN 9781944143206