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Judaica Press — Jewish Books that Matter

In today's burgeoning Jewish book world, it can be difficult to discern which books represent authentic, Torah-true Judaism.

Judaica Press has been publishing books for over 50 years, and during that time we have developed an impressive line of titles that hold true to the ideals of authentic Judaism and our traditions.

Our motto, "Jewish Books that Matter," represents the standard that we have set for ourselves. We view it as our mission to publish and disseminate books that truly matter to the Jewish people. Whether for the newcomer, the late bloomer or the veteran, all of our publications will impact the life of the reader.

Even in our fiction titles, even in our cookbooks, even, and especially, in our children’s books, we strive to inject meaning, inspiration and spirituality. Our vast collection of titles educate, guide, inspire and entertain.

Please browse through our site to find the books that suit your interest and return back often to stay up to date on the latest books that matter to you and your family.

Learn. Grow. Inspire.

And enjoy!