The Yom Kippur Book (Better Than Before)

$ 17.99

Brings brings to life the story behind the holiest day of the Jewish year!

The Yom Kippur story goes back to the birth of the Jewish nation and the Giving of the Torah. Trouble began when the new nation thought their leader Moshe was gone. They were quickly convinced that worshiping a golden calf would keep them safe in the desert. They forgot what they had just heard at Har Sinai: not to worship anything besides Hashem. Moshe’s shocking action upon his return helped them realize their terrible mistake. But was it already too late to save the Jewish people?

This captivating book retells how Moshe and the Jewish people were able to turn things around. Their sincere efforts to return to Hashem gave us the holiday of Yom Kippur forever, and the power to always make our connection to the One Above even better than before!

The story is followed by a 25-page supplement, “How To Celebrate,” which sheds light on the laws and customs of the holiest day on the Jewish calendar. Thoughtful illustrations clarify details of how to prepare for and observe this momentous day. Discover the meaning behind our traditions and enhance the way you observe Yom Kippur.

The beautiful, carefully designed illustrations elucidate otherwise complex subjects, allowing readers to better grasp the forgiveness of Yom Kippur visually.

Author: Dassie Prus and Mina Gordon
Hardcover | 50 pages | 7.75" x 10.75" | ISBN 9781732523777