The Secret Life of Gershon Burd

$ 22.95

Unknown to even his family, Gershon Burd led a double life ...

Gershon Burd -- a regular guy who rose to spiritual greatness like a meteor before passing from this world at the tragic young age of forty -- knew how to do chessed (acts of kindness). Not with fanfare or fireworks, but secretly. So secretly that whatever people knew of his chessed while he lived, it was like the tip of an iceberg that protruded slightly above the water’s surface while leaving its vast mass hidden below. He was an absolute master, often able to make you feel like you were doing him the favor rather than the other way around.

Do yourself a chessed, and read this book! Gershon Burd’s story just might inspire
you to start your own "secret life" -- one hidden chessed at a time.

Author: Yaakov Astor
Hardcover | 6" x 9" | 224 pages | ISBN 9781607632214