The Rishonim -- A Historical Guide to the Early Masters of the Mesorah

$ 27.95

Rashi ... Baalei Tosfos ... Rambam ... Ramban ... Rashba ... and the many other transmitters of our Mesorah ...

You study their words. Now, learn about their lives.

This eye-opening work brings clarity to the study of Shas and poskim through fascinating biographical portraits of the primary Rishonim. It features:  

  • Life stories that give us a glimpse of their greatness
  • Sweeping historical backdrops of the Rishonim and their times
  • Valuable biographical details including their rebbeim, talmidim, and sefarim
  • Explanatory notes and source references
  • Comprehensive index, maps, and appendices rich with additional background information

An essential guide for learning!

"This is an important work since knowledge of the era, land, and background of each Rishon, and his relationship to other Rishonim, often enhances the understanding of their writings."
-- Rav Aharon Feldman, shlit"a

Author: Rabbi Nosson Wiggins
Hardcover | 6" x 9" | 336 pages | ISBN 9781607634096