The Neshamah Should Have an Aliyah

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What you can do in memory of a departed loved one

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This practical and inspirational Torah guide will show you how to help your departed loved ones in the most meaningful way possible ... and find profound comfort in the process.

"I was astounded by the all-encompassing nature of this book, which delves into every detail on the subject ... This book is an overflowing treasury that will be of great benefit to all those who seek to know Hashem’s will in these matters." -- Rabbi Reuven Feinstein, Rosh Yeshivah, Yeshivah of Staten Island

The loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult and traumatic events we must face. Many of us struggle with the loss of connection to our loved ones, and we wonder if there is something we can do to keep that connection alive.

The truth is that we have the power to do something very meaningful. Our actions can do more than just maintain the connection. They can also give our departed loved ones a powerful aliyah (elevation) in Heaven. In fact, there are numerous opportunities for us to positively and productively channel our efforts for the benefit of our loved ones’ neshamos (souls), and for our own benefit, as well.

This book is an inspirational and practical guide for anyone who desires to remember a loved one in a meaningful way. Painstakingly researched and masterfully written, it explains the fundamental ideas underlying the concept of providing merit for a soul and then offers hands-on, practical guidance for all the many aliyah opportunities that our tradition describes.

It answers questions like ...

  • Why should I do things in memory of my loved ones? How can the things I do here help a neshamah in the next world?
  • What is the single most powerful tool to provide merit for the neshamah?
  • Is there any difference between a child doing something in memory of parents, and other relatives or friends doing things in their memory?

Whether you have suffered a recent loss or many years have passed, this book will open your eyes with its profound insights into the concepts and practices of aliyas neshamah. It is ideal for any caring individual who wonders: "What can I do?"

Also features:

  • Section summaries for easy reference
  • Practical guidance sections listing resources and creative ideas
  • Mishnayos for each letter of the aleph-beis, with an English translation and elucidation
  • An aliyas neshamah journal to keep track of your commitments and accomplishments