The Hidden Hand

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Uncovering Divine Providence in major events of the 20th century


Did you know...
... that on D-Day -- the decisive day of battle in World War II -- Hitler overslept?
... that a few stray bombs led to Germany's defeat in the Battle of Britain?
... that the Watergate scandal saved Israel during the Yom Kippur War?
... that a misstatement by a government official caused the collapse of the Berlin Wall?

These and many other bizarre "coincidences" of history are the subject of this book.

This is not a Jewish history book. It is a book about history -- specifically, 20th century history -- from a Torah-based, Jewish perspective. Yaakov Astor reveals the hidden hand of Hashem in many of the remarkable "twists of fate" of 20th century history, while also shedding light on some of the valuable Torah messages we can derive from studying it.

In this era of media overload -- which only obscures the presence of Hashem in our lives -- this book offers a fascinating, insightful approach to viewing both historical and current events from a proper Torah perspective. It's a real eye-opener, and a captivating read!

Author: Yaakov Astor
Softcover | 6" x 9" | 256 pages | ISBN 9781932443790
e-Book | ISBN 9781607630678