The Halachos of Kiddush Levanah

$ 16.95

A concise, comprehensive guide to its halachos and hashkafah

You say Kiddush Levanah once a month, every month, but how much do you really know about it? The mitzvah of Kiddush Levanah is replete with deep, hidden meaning and is a vehicle for numerous segulos for health, shidduchim and long life. Yet most of us know very little about its halachos and significance.

This sefer reveals the power of this precious mitzvah. As Chazal say, “Gadol talmud shemayvi lidai maaseh,” great is learning because it leads to action. The more we learn about a mitzvah, the greater its power to transform and uplift us.

Discover the hows and whys of Kiddush Levanah, and thereby realize the distinctive qualities of this priceless mitzvah!

Author: Rabbi Moshe Boylan
Hardcover | 5" x 8" | 130 pages | ISBN 9781607632559