The Four Seasons of Golda Mirel

$ 21.95

A triumphant family saga by bestselling author Eva Vogiel

Golda Mirel is born at the turn of the 20th century in a Polish shtetl, into a life of hardship and suffering. Born physically imperfect into a spiritually imperfect world, her saga sends her plunging through the times and places that define the tragic, triumphant past century of Jewish history.

Crippled in one leg, as a child she is humiliated by her heartless Polish teachers at school and barely escapes being kidnapped. Her disfigurement continues to plague her as she gets older, forcing her to make difficult choices when seeking her match in marriage. And two world wars scar her life and family further, as it wounded and changed so many.

From her native Poland to Austria and eventually to England, Golda Mirel learns to boldly confront her challenges, and ultimately ascends to be the proud matriarch of a spiritually rich family dynasty. Her life story enriches, inspires and rewards.

“Golda Mirel is a heroine just too interesting to resist and her story is absolutely riveting. The setting ... the decisions ... the drama ... will keep you turning pages to the very end!” -- Libby Lazewnik, author, The Judge
“Gripping from the very start ... resonates with a depth of feeling that tran- scends the generations.” -- Shoshana Lepon, author, No Greater Treasure

Author: Eva Vogiel
Softcover | 6" x 9" | 368 pages | ISBN 9781932443455