Prime Suspect

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The Wallin family appeared to be leading an ideal life. Leo Wallin, the family patriarch, was a wealthy and successful businessman. His son Michael, already an important executive in Leo's company, seemed poised to follow in his father's footsteps.

But tragedy strikes when Leo suddenly dies, and the family is shocked to learn that he was murdered. Their shock deepens when they discover that the inheritance they anticipated has been left to an obscure yeshivah.

The double blow is followed by an even more crushing turn of events, when Michael himself becomes the prime suspect in the police investigation.

In a race against time and a battle against an unseen evil, Michael and his family must put the pieces of the puzzle together before they lose everything -- or, even worse, before the real villain catches up to him, too.

Prime Suspect is an unforgettable story of a family plunged into a nightmare and of the eternal power of the Torah. Written by accomplished author Dovid Sussman, it is a masterpiece of drama and suspense that will keep you riveted until its shocking conclusion.

Author: Dovid Sussman
Hardcover | 6" x 9" | 400 pages | ISBN 9789657599006

Published by: Torah Temimah Publications

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