Penina's Adventure at Sea

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Trouble begins as Penina and her sister travel to New York aboard a beautiful steam-powered ship. A thief is on board! Can he be caught before the entire voyage is ruined? Penina is determined to try ....

Meet Penina
Meet Penina Mendes, a Jewish girl growing up in London, England, in the 1840s. Descended from Jews who fled from Spain in 1492, Penina comes from a wealthy family that is well-known for its tradition of community chesed. Penina is clever and energetic and is just starting to learn about the world around her. Now you can learn about her world, too!

About the series
In Jewish Girls Around the World, you'll meet many fascinating Jewish girls from our past. Read about them and experience their worlds. Times and places may change, but being a Jewish girl is always something to celebrate.

By Miriam Walfish
Illustrated by: Jessica Magnus
Hardcover | 5.5" x 8.5" | 160 pages | ISBN 978-1-60763-029-6