Not By Chance

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Shattering the modern theory of evolution

"Dr. Spetner has an extraordinary ability to present complex issues in a comprehensible manner."
-- Rabbi Joseph Elias, The Jewish Observer

"It is certainly the most rational attack on evolution that I have ever read."
-- Professor E. Simon, Dept. of Biology, Purdue University

Biologists and geneticists across the country praise this work as one of the most serious challenges to the modern theory of evolution. The author presents compelling scientific evidence that life on Earth could not have arisen by chance.

Dr. Spetner examines information and randomness in evolution in a way that seriously challenges the modern theory of evolution.

Dr. Spetner's Not By Chance shows that:

  • The randomness of mutations -- essential to modern evolution theories -- cannot account for a buildup of information through evolution.
  • The favorite examples given as evidence for evolution, such as the evolution of antibiotic resistance of bacteria and the evolution of quantitative traits by applied geneticists, actually argue against randomness building up information. The mutations of their examples actually lose information. There is no known example of a random mutation that adds information to the genome.
The book offers a theory to replace modern evolution theory that postulates nonrandom mutations triggered by the environment. A great deal of evidence is cited for this new theory, which can account for large adaptive changes occurring in short spans of time.

This book was originally printed in Israel. This is the first American edition.

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Author: Dr. Lee M. Spetner
Softcover | 5.5" x 8.5" | 288 pages | 1-880582-24-4