Miracle at El Alamein

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The story of the rabbis who stopped the Nazi onslaught at the gates of Eretz Yisrael

"All of Palestine was in a panic ... This time, there seemed to be no way out." -- R' Chaskel Besser
In 1942, as General Rommel led the German and Italian armies through North Africa toward Eretz Yisrael, terror gripped the Holy Land. It seemed inevitable that the entire Jewish population would fall into the Germans' murderous hands.

This is the story of the holy tzaddikim of Eretz Yisrael who stormed the heavens with their prayers and brought Rommel's progress to a stunning halt at El Alamein in Egypt. The events that took place there were nothing short of miraculous.

This gripping account -- a true story of despair transformed into salvation -- will reinvigorate your faith in the power of tefillah.

"An extraordinary source of inspiration and enlightenment [that will leave you] with a heightened ... appreciation of the otherwordly wisdom of the Gedolei Torah ... of the previous generations and their power to influence the course of history."
-- Rabbi Shmuel Irons, Rosh Kollel and noted historian and speaker

Author: Rabbi Zev T. Paretzky
e-Book | ISBN 9781607631880
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