Mindel's Treasure

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Mindel's little brother Dovid finds a mysterious pouch on a street in the Jewish quarter of Prague, and soon the entire family is caught up in a treasure hunt. Little do they realize that someone else is searching for a hidden treasure, too -- someone desperate. Will Mindel and her family manage to find the treasure first?

Meet Mindel
Meet Mindel Rappaport, a Jewish girl growing up in the city of Prague in the 1590s, over 400 years ago. Mindel is the middle child in her lively, loving family. She is kind-hearted and artistic, and always eager to help. Read about her adventures and you're sure to love her, too!

About the series
In Jewish Girls Around the World, you'll meet many fascinating Jewish girls from our past. Read about them and experience their worlds. Times and places may change, but being a Jewish girl is always something to celebrate.

Author: Miriam Walfish
Hardcover | 5.5" x 8.5" | 160 pages | ISBN