Living on the Edge

$ 22.95
Extraordinary accounts of extraordinary people!

This best-selling book recounts astonishing stories about compassion, human resilience and the power of faith. From Birmingham, Alabama, to San Antonio, Texas, from South Africa to the Balkans, these stories describe ordinary people facing challenging situations.

In this extraordinary book, renowned spiritual leader, speaker and author Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser recounts real-life experiences of real people from around the world. These are not third-hand tales. Rabbi Goldwasser, who travels extensively to speak to Jewish communities in every corner of the globe and is the spiritual mentor to many hundreds of individuals and families, shares with us some of the more fascinating and inspiring stories of people he has encountered -- those whose lives are filled with desperation, courage and, ultimately, hope.

These stories could have happened to the family next door -- to people you know and care about. You will be riveted -- and encouraged -- by the resolve of ordinary people forced to overcome extraordinary circumstances. You will be inspired by how Jews continue to survive even while... Living on the Edge.

Author: Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser
Hardcover | 6" x 9" | 320 pages | 1-880582-82-1