Listen With Your Heart

$ 14.95

How can we hear someone who isn't able to speak?

Listen With Your Heart is a story that teaches kids the important values of relating to those who are different from them, instilling traits like caring, compassion, and sensitivity. With its fresh and endearing illustrations, this book will help your child grow and learn valuable lessons at an early stage.

“This book will help young readers gain confidence in knowing how to best respond when they come across someone who isn’t able to respond with words. In fact, it’s a book all humans should read. Teachers, parents, professionals, friends, family members, and those with disabilities can all benefit from the lessons in this story.”
-- Julie Sando, autism professional and founder of Autistically Inclined

“This story reminds us that when we take the time to listen with our heart and connect with one another, we all grow from the experience.”
-- Bassie Shemtov, founder and director of Friendship Circle International

Author: Raizy Metzger
Illustrator: Esty Raskin
Hardcover | 8.5" x 11" | 36 pages | ISBN 9781607633730