Leining Master - Individual Parsha Downloads - Ashkenazic

$ 14.95

Get just the parsha you need, and nothing you don't!

Leined with accuracy and attention to the subtleties of Hebrew grammar, these audio files are the ideal tool to help you learn how to lein (chant) the weekly Torah reading in the Ashkenazic tradition. Whether you're an upcoming Bar Mitzvah boy preparing for your big day or an adult intent on learning or enhancing your Torah reading skills, Leining Master is for you!

Each parsha is downloaded as a ZIP file containing 8 MP3 audio files: the 7 aliyos of the parsha and 1 haftara.

(Please note: Downloadable products are not available for download instantly. After placing your order, you will receive a follow-up email (usually within 24 hours) that will enable you to download your purchase.)

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Leining by Rabbi Jeremy Wieder
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