Jewish Girls Around the World Series (complete set)

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The complete set of Jewish Girls Around the World books, perfect for girls ages 8 to 12!

About the Jewish Girls Around the World series
In Jewish Girls Around the World, you'll meet many fascinating Jewish girls from our past. Read about them and experience their worlds. Times and places may change, but being a Jewish girl is always something to celebrate.

The Penina Mendes series - 4 books
Meet Penina Mendes, a Jewish girl growing up in London, England, in the 1840s. Descended from Jews who fled from Spain in 1492, Penina comes from a wealthy family that is well-known for its tradition of community chesed. Penina is clever and energetic and is just starting to learn about the world around her. Now you can learn about her world, too!

The Tova Bloom series - 3 books
Meet Tova Bloom, a Jewish girl growing up in New York in the 1770s, during the American Revolution. Only a small group of Jews lived in New York at the time, but that doesn't bother Tova -- she has five older sisters to keep her company. Tova is intelligent and curious and has an excellent memory. Read about her world and you won't forget her!

The Liba Miller series - 3 books
Meet Liba Miller, a Jewish girl from Kelm, Lithuania, who moves to South Africa in the year 1910. Liba has an active imagination and loves to make up stories and games to entertain herself and her three younger brothers. Read about her world and she will entertain you, too!

The Mindel Rappaport series - 3 books
Meet Mindel Rappaport, a Jewish girl growing up in the city of Prague in the 1590s, over 400 years ago. Mindel is the middle child in her lively, loving family. She is kind-hearted and artistic, and always eager to help. Read about her adventures and you're sure to love her, too!

The Esther Bueno series - 3 books
Meet Esther Bueno, a Jewish girl growing up in the 1670s with her twin brother, Ezra. Their parents fled Portugal when they themselves were children in order to escape the Inquisition. Now the Bueno family lives in Amsterdam -- one of the busiest, most exciting cities in all of Europe. Read about the Bueno twins and share their adventures!

The complete set consists of:
Penina's Plan
Penina's Doll Factory
Penina's Adventure at Sea
Penina's Lost and Found
Tova Bloom Solves the Riddle
Tova Bloom to the Rescue
Tova Bloom's Great Idea
Liba's Palace
Liba's Letters
Liba and the Feather Thief
A Place for Mindel
Mindel's Treasure
A Mystery for Mindel
Really, Truly Esther
Esther and the Chocolate Tree
Esther's Best Surprise Ever

Author: Miriam Walfish
Hardcover | 5.5" x 8.5" | 16 volumes