Izzy and Ezzy and the Winning Play

$ 12.95

The first book in a great new series for ages 5-9!

Izzy is happy and playful. Ezzy is serious and studious. Join them and their lively friends as they learn valuable lessons about the Torah way of life.

Meet Rav Gold, a neighborhood rabbi, who has a knack for subtly connecting classic tales of our sages with real life situations.

In this episode, Izzy and Ezzy play ball with their buddies. However, this isn't just another game of basketball. It's a special one that teaches us the right way to play games.

Izzy and Ezzy and the Winning Play is the first volume in thIs new series, written by the talented Shani Brown. Each story is fully illustrated with beautiful, color pictures by the renowned illustrator, Shiri Cohen. Come and join them, and have a ball!

Author: Shani Brown
Illustrator: Shiri Cohen
Hardcover | 6.5" x 9.5" | 24 pages | ISBN 9789657599013

Published by: Torah Temimah Publications