Invisible Chains

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A heartwarming novel!

In Invisible Chains, you'll be transported to the charming setting of the British countryside and drawn into a familiar -- yet fascinatingly foreign -- world. Judy Kleiner is tragically confined to a wheelchair. Her older sister, Frumie, is devoted to helping Judy but torn by a need to live a life of her own. When the two sisters are sent to a Jewish boarding school, they grapple with the chains that bind them. Their teacher's dedication to helping Judy leads her to a startling revelation. Witness as these three lives intersect at a dramatic moment, leaving the girls and their caring teacher forever changed.

Perfect for adults and teens!

"The setting is an Orthodox boarding school for girls in post-war England, and the plot is one that will absorb adolescent girls. Frumie, age thirteen, and her sister, Judy, age eleven, are bound by the invisible chains of the title: Judy's legs are paralyzed and Frumie feels responsible for causing the accident that put her lively sister in a wheelchair. Judy, a particularly well-developed and believable character, demands Frumie's constant attention, while Frumie resents Judy's demands and then feels guilty for doing so. When they are sent to a boarding school for Judy's health, their relationship is noticed and addressed by the wise and kind headmistress. Another teacher also intervenes, and at the book's end Judy is walking. A subplot involving this young teacher, a Holocaust survivor, adds dramatic interest and emphasizes the religious values that permeate the story."
-- AJL Newsletter, Sep./Oct. 2000

Author: Eva Vogiel
Softcover | 6" x 9" | 288 pages | ISBN