I Wish Someone Would Have Told My Friends

$ 8.95

A book for friends of teens who have lost a parent

More than any other stage in life, it is during the teen years that friends seem to take center stage.

What happens when a teen’s close friend experiences the loss of a parent or sibling? How might her friend change? How can she best show support? How should she process her own feelings if the deceased was someone she knew well?

Mrs. Miriam Ribiat has built upon her enthusiastically received book for teens who have lost a parent, I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me, and authored this booklet geared for friends of teens who have experienced a loss, offering insight into the friend’s emotions and practical guidance in navigating many new and sensitive situations.

This is a valuable resource for parents and educators to offer to teens in their lives whose friends have experienced a loss.

After interviewing many teens who lost a parent, Miriam has gained tremendous insight into what they want from their friends. -- MRS. SARAH RIVKAH KOHN, FOUNDER & DIRECTOR, LINKS

Author: Miriam Ribiat
Softcover | 6" x 9" | 56 pages | ISBN 9781944143268