Ezras Torah Luach

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An essential book for synagogue use!

The Ezras Torah Luach has become an extremely popular and almost indispensable tool for thousands of rabbis and laymen throughout the United States. In it, pertinent details related to each day's prayers are clarified and organized. It lays out exactly what is and is not said during prayers on each day of the calendar year.

The Ezras Torah Luach also contains:

  • Candle-lighting times
  • Schedule of Parshios and special Torah Readings for each week
  • Times of the new moon (Molad)
  • Dates and times of all Jewish holidays
  • Daf Hayomi schedule
  • Explanatory material

The Luach is available in three formats:

  • Pocket-size English (3.25" x 5.75")
  • Pocket-size Hebrew (3" x 5.5")
  • Wall-size Hebrew (for use in synagogues)