Chelton Series Gift Set (3 Vols.)

$ 42.85

This set includes:

The Lost Treasure of Chelton (softcover)

When the Levine family travels to the scenic coastal village of Chelton for the summer, the worst they expect is to get a little sand in their shoes. But on their first day in town a chance purchase quickly involves them in a fascinating mystery. The Levine kids stumble upon hints of a shipwrecked treasure in the waters off the coast. Suddenly the hunt is on, with results that no one -- least of all the Levines -- would ever imagine ...

The Mysterious Lighthouse of Chelton (softcover)

The old lighthouse on the coast of Chelton has been in ruins for years. Now, all of a sudden, strange lights are flashing there. Who is doing it, and why? The Suzman and Levine kids, always ready for a new adventure, are eager to find out. The trail they follow leads them on an exciting journey full of secret passageways, fantastic twists and old lost ships. What will they discover at the mysterious lighthouse of Chelton?

The Secret Caves of Chelton (softcover)

An ancient treasure map has been stolen along with Mrs. Henderson's prized jewelry, and strange figures have been spotted near the caves along the coast. The Suzman and Levine kids -- always ready for adventure -- join up again to solve the latest puzzle in this troubled town. What mysteries do the secret caves conceal?

3 volumes/ Softcover

For Ages 8-12