A Diamond for Your Daughter

$ 9.95

A parent's guide to navigating shidduchim effectively

Your daughter is starting the shidduch process, but how do you know she's ready?

And what about you? ... Are YOU ready?

As you head into this bewildering phase of life, let Sara Lebovics and Emuna Braverman, two seasoned experts in shidduchim, lead you forward gently and confidently. A Diamond for Your Daughter is the down-to-earth, insightful primer you've been seeking to guide you in your daughter's shidduchim.

"The inyan (matter) you are dealing with is crucial to all of us. I offer you a sincere yasher koach (congratulations) for undertaking this task. -- Rav Reuven Feinstein, shlit"a

"The authors provide parents with the sources to carry them forward emotionally and the practical guidance to help them attain their objective." -- Rav Dovid Cohen, Posek

"... covers all the aspects of... the shidduch parshah, including how to get accurate information, recognize a "red flag" and guide a daughter who is confused. Every parent should read it! -- Rabbi Meir Levi, Shadchan

"If you want to prepare yourself both intellectually and emotionally for the intricate and sensitive parshah of shidduchim, study this book. You'll approach this complex parshah with greater confidence. -- Rabbi Shlomo Lewenstein, Shadchan

"A Diamond for Your Daughter is the calm and wise voice we have been waiting for, and those who pay careful attention to its advice will avoid financially, emotionally and spiritually costly errors at every stage of the shidduch process. This is required reading. -- Rabbi Leib Kelemen, Author and Lecturer

Authors: Sara Lebovics and Emuna Braverman
Hardcover | 5.5" X 8.5" | 192 pages | ISBN 9781607630623
e-Book | ISBN 9781607630739