The Evolution Revolution

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Why Thinking People are Rethinking the Theory of Evolution

Is there evidence for evolution?
We've all been educated about evolution -- about the fact that all living species have evolved from some primitive, single-celled life form, and the theory that it happened by means of random mutations and natural selection.
Surprisingly, in this groundbreaking book Dr. Lee Spetner offers compelling evidence that the data we have supports neither the theory nor the fact of evolution. Instead, the data actually supports an entirely different theory, which, if correct, will have far-reaching consequences for humanity and revolutionize scientific research and education.
This book is a must-read for any thinking person.

"The feature of living matter that most demands explanation is that it is almost unimaginably complicated in directions that convey a powerful illusion of deliberate design." -- Richard Dawkins
It definitely does demand an explanation. But is the theory of evolution (of which Dawkins is one of the most forceful proponents) the correct one?
In his previous book Not By Chance!, Dr. Lee Spetner, an MIT-trained physicist, presented compelling evidence that life on earth could not have developed through the random processes described by the theory of evolution. Prominent biologists and geneticists praised Dr. Spetner's book as one of the most serious challenges to evolutionary theory.
In this groundbreaking new book, Dr. Spetner examines the latest scientific studies to demonstrate that neither the so-called "fact" of evolution -- that all present forms of life arose from ancestral forms different from themselves -- nor the "theory" of evolution -- the mechanism offered to explain how the "fact" came about -- are supported by the data. Over a century and a half of scientific research has not produced the support necessary to substantiate either of these evolutionist claims.
Dr. Spetner shows how all the scientific data actually supports an alternative theory -- the Nonrandom Evolutionary Hypothesis (NREH). The NREH is the only current theory that accounts for the rapid, heritable population changes we witness constantly.
If you pride yourself on being someone who thinks for himself, you must read this book. You'll be surprised by what you discover.
"... a strong, erudite critique of the theory of evolution."
~ Sanford R. Sampson, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor of Cell Physiology, Bar-Ilan University, Israel
"The Neo-Darwinists have pulled the wool over our eyes for over 100 years, conflating arguments for evolution with Common Descent. Spetner has proven them wrong."
~ S. Kelman, MD, Clinical Associate Professor, University of Maryland School of Medicine
About the Author
Lee Spetner earned his PhD in physics from MIT in 1950. After serving in the U.S. Navy, he worked in research and development and military systems management for forty years-- twenty years in the U.S. at Johns Hopkins University and twenty years in Israel. After retirement he engaged in cancer therapy research for twelve years. He has been studying evolution for the past fifty years, applying his insights from Communication Theory and Information Theory, which he taught at Johns Hopkins University and at the Weizman Institute in Israel, and has published several papers on evolution in major scientific journals. His first book on evolution, Not By Chance! Shattering the Modern Theory of Evolution, was published by Judaica Press in 1997 to critical acclaim.
Author: Dr. Lee M. Spetner
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