Silent Alarm

$ 18.95
A captivating new novel from M.C. Millman

In a quiet Jewish town in rural Pennsylvania, fires are burningäóÁ—çí_í?íë_’?íëí__í_?íëí_íë_íëí__?_ First it's homes, then an apartment building. All signs point to arson, but who is the culprit?

Then Congregation Bais Yisroel-íë_?a shul that's over 200 years old-íë_?is set ablaze, and the tragedy really hits home. As fears build that the arsonist will strike again, the search for the fire's true source begins in earnest. Everyone becomes suspect. And the ensuing investigation turns up some astounding resultsäóÁ—çí_í?íë_’?íëí__í_?íëí_íë_íëí__?_

Author: M.C. Millman
Hardcover | 6" x 9" | 224 pages | 1-932443-33-9