Intriguing Questions No One Asks

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You'll wonder why you never asked these questions, and you'll love the answers even more ...

In today's world, many students of Torah shy away from asking provocative questions. They pass over issues that go to the very root of stories and topics found in the Torah narrative. Questions that should shake us out of our lethargic perusal of the holy text often appear too daunting to tackle. In this work, the author introduces many legitimate and perplexing questions, most not found in the traditional commentaries, that will pique the interest of thoughtful readers.

The sefer has two components. The first section probes the underlying lessons the reader is expected to extrapolate from the Tanach’s narrative depicting the lives and actions of our Biblical role-models. The author’s probing questions produce thought-provoking analyses that lead to novel solutions. The second section addresses the Rabbinically-enacted Jewish holidays, delving into their individual significance and the necessity of each for the eternity of our people. The celebration of these special days is intended to make us pause and focus on their import, which generally eludes most of us due to the press of daily life.

About the Author
Rabbi Avrum M. Kowalsky, a long-time resident of Baltimore, studied for over ten years at Yeshivas Ner Yisrael and attended the University of Maryland School of Law. He received semichah (Yoreh-Yoreh) from the Yeshiva and a Juris Doctor with Honors from the Law School. Avrum practiced law for over four decades, but throughout this period he also gave shiurim in various forums in Baltimore, including Congregation Shomrei Emunah, which he helped found. After moving with his wife Sharon to Jerusalem in 2013, he has been giving shiurim throughout the Jerusalem area.

Author: Rabbi Avrum M. Kowalsky
Hardcover | 6.5" x 9.5" | 406 pages | ISBN 9789655727821