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Learn to lead your congregation in holiday prayers with Sherwood Goffin, renowned cantor of Lincoln Square Synagogue in New York City!

Favorite Synagogue Nigunim is the complete guide for the congregational melodies of the Shalosh Regalim - Pesach, Shavuot, and Sukkot - and Chanukah! It features fifty-five different melodies for the following sections of the holiday prayers:

Kedusha of Shacharis Hallel Koh Keili Kedusha of Musaf Chazaras HaShatz Tefillas Tal Tefillas Geshem Hoshanos

Favorite Synagogue Nigunim includes both musical tracks and audio instruction from Cantor Goffin, detailing the history of each track, the proper way it should be sung, and other tips.

Favorite Synagogue Nigunim features a wide variety of tunes selected by Cantor Goffin, from classic synagogue standards to Carlebach melodies, appropriate for each holiday. Cantor Goffin sings these melodies, accurately and authentically, in a pleasant voice that is easy to follow.

Favorite Synagogue Nigunim is ideal for both beginning and experienced Ba'alei Tefillah who want to learn or review appropriate tunes for congregational singing. While Cantor Goffin chants the tunes in Ashkenazic pronunciation, they can easily be mastered by Ba'alei Tefillah who use Sephardic pronunciation as well, since they are musical in nature - nigunim - and not nusach.

These inspiring tunes, appropriate for each holiday, were selected and instituted by Chazzan Goffin during the 45 years he has officiated at Lincoln Square Synagogue.

Load it on your MP3 player or MP3 CD player - files are provided in the popular MP3 format - and listen on your way to work, while exercising, or in the car. Listen while you're at your computer, and follow along with the included PDF files of the Tefillos.

Free Bonus!
Favorite Synagogue Nigunim includes a PDF of all included Tefillos in Hebrew, and detailed audio instructions and explanations by Cantor Goffin.

Plays on any MP3 player, computer, or MP3 CD player.

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